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Katchū no Bi - Beauty of Armour - New website launched

I am quiet happy that my new wessite related to Japanese armour was launched.

One of the main features of the website is the construction of a large review database for Japanese Armour books. It is a work in progess as many hundreds of video's will be added in the coming months.




New Book: Kaga Zōgan Abumi: "Stirrups for the Samurai"

Together with Teruo Orikasa and Luc Taelman, I just published a new book for which I made the pictures and coordinated the translation: Kaga Zōgan Abumi: "Stirrups for the Samurai" (加賀象嵌鐙: 武士のための鐙).

Enjoy this video preview. For more info, please visit


New Website

For those who are wondering why the website is not being updated anymore... One reason is that I have been busy with my new book (see next post), and in the meanwhile I have been coordinating the translation of the Japanese Armour Society Magazine in English.

The main reason is however that I have been working on a complete new site that gives me much more flexibility to add book reviews and other news... Coming now very soon...




Mr. Iwao Fujimoto

It is my sad duty to let you know that Mr. Iwao Fujimoto has passed away last week. He was 97.
Mr. Fujimoto was until a few years ago the president of the Japanese Armour Society. He was an icon in the armour world.
He was always very, very kind to me over the 8-9 or so years that I have known him. He was very proud that he helped to organize the big armour exhibition in Belgium for Europalia '89, and when he gave a lecture always pointed to me, the local Belgian resident... Until a few months ago, he still attended all meetings. He was very knowledgeable.

During the wake this evening in Tokyo, the who is who in the Japanese armour world came together to pay their respect. His father figure will be missed. 

Me, with Mr. Muneyuki Myôchin who passed away in 2011, and Mr. Fujimoto.


Japanese Armour Society

I have now become  the official representative of the society for people outside of Japan and I'm more then willing to help people who want to become a member. Please contact me via the email on the about page if you are interested.